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A bit about me

The more time I spend working as a designer, be it for the web or for print, the more I realise that I love doing this job.

Every job I’ve had and every project i have worked on has taught me something about design, and there are so many awesome designers out in the world of all ages and backgrounds, and they all have something to teach me.

I’ve never really settled into a particular area of design that I like the most. I started off loving animation and flash and the power of actionscript during my time at TAFE, then my first proper design job was working for a print magazine doing layouts and ad design and covers which pushed my envelope and taught me a new skill set.

My work since then has moved more towards the web, designing websites and creating full branding and marketing strategies. Most recently I have been creating User Interfaces for web based applications and delving into User Experience models. With the advent and subsequent all encompassing rise of mobile and tablet I now find myself working on responsive design and needing to learn more and more about the front end web development world so that I can create the best design for my clients, and their users.

I love what I do, and I look forward to continuing to learn new skills and trying new things.